Ambassadorship in Karlskrona

In Karlskrona, an Ambassadors Training Concept was modelled through several workshops with local stakeholders involved in tourism and the World Heritage site Karlskrona. The concept was then formed by the DUNC project and an advisory group consisting of representatives from two local museums (The Naval Museum and Blekinge Museum) and the Municipality of Karlskrona (the DUNC Project, the World Heritage Coordinator, Visit Karlskrona, the City Hosts) and was presented to the World Heritage Council for approval before realized.

The training consists of thee informative meetings with ambassadors-to-be during spring before the high season starts. These ambassadors can for example be persons who hold a key position in the World Heritage (for example a World Heritage coordinator or a property owner) and/or interested citizens who are proud of their World Heritage and want to learn more about it (for example hotel staff, taxi drivers, citizens etc.).

Lectures and Guided Tours

The first two meetings are lectures of 3 hours each and the third one a full day of guided tours by bus and boat through the World Heritage Site. The first meeting explains the World Heritage of Karlskrona and how a World Heritage is administered and the second meeting is about a World Heritage Site in relation to sustainability, innovation and as a business catalyst.  Information from the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve and on the other World Heritage sites in the DUNC project is also included. During the third meeting the participants are guided through the World Heritage including a joint lunch.

Course Certificate

After the training the ambassadors receive a course certificate. They are invited to 1-2 inspirational activities per year and encouraged to stay in touch with each other to cultivate their interest further. The ambassadors agree to spread the good word, positivity and knowledge about Karlskrona and its World Heritage to friends, family members, colleagues and visitors. Should they want to indulge themselves even more in the World Heritage they can sign up for a guide training arranged by the local tourist information office to become a World Heritage guide.

Successful Training

In April 2019 the first DUNC Ambassadors training was held in Karlskrona for about 40 participants, and it was a success. The participants were satisfied with the training and eager to stay in touch with each other to get more inspiration and to find ways to create a local and an international network.

The training was evaluated and some minor adjustments was made for the second version. In the spring of 2020 the second Ambassadors training was planned for but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

The interest for the training was even larger 2020 and several meetings were held with stakeholders during the year to make sure that the training will carry on after the DUNC project is finished. The roles and responsibilities for the different stakeholders were established to make sure that Karlskrona will have a constant refill of new World Heritage Ambassadors also in the future.

Future Target Groups

One future goal is to reach out with information and inspiration about the World Heritage to certain target groups, such as taxi drivers and teachers for example, and to expand the work with mini guides (children).

Another idea is to offer short informative meetings a couple of times a year, 2 hours each, at the Naval museum and Blekinge museum. These meeting could work as a gateway to the 3 days ambassador training and include information about how different businesses can use the World Heritage status in their business story and marketing.

How to become an ambassador for the World Heritage,

World Heritage Movie

To raise public awareness and educate the general public about the World Heritage site Karlskrona, a film was made by DUNC called "The World Heritage in 1 Minute" ("Världsarvet på 1 minut").

It explains what Karlskrona's World Heritage is in an easy way and was shown on local busses during several months in 2019 with great results, and on other platforms such as social media.

Karlskrona - The World Heritage in 1 Minute

Puzzle Book for Young Ambassadors

To increase children's knowledge and raise awareness and pride of Karlskrona's World Heritage by young learners, a puzzle book for children was designed in cooperation with among others Karlskrona Municipality and the Swedish National Property Board.

The book is called "Eli's Adventures in Karlskrona" ("Elis Äventyrsresa I Karlskrona") and consists of 15 pages and 24 fun challenges for children aged 6-11 years. It provides a fun and easy way for children to learn more about the history of Karlskrona and its World Heritage and also encourages sustainable living.

During the summer of 2020 more than 14,000 books were distributed in Karlskrona. An English version is also available and both versions have a digital version for users to download:

Eli's Adventures in Karlskrona

World Heritage Exhibition

Exhibitions about a World Heritage site is yet another way of raising awareness.  During the first two weeks of October 2020 the DUNC cross-border exhibition "South Baltic Sea World Heritage Sites" was shown at the Naval Museum in Karlskrona. The goal was for visitors to be inspired and curious about these beautiful sites by learning more about them. In total the exhibition had around 5’000 visitors. The same exhibition was also shown at Naturum in Öland, in the World Heritage site The Agricultural Landscape of southern Öland.

Future Ambassador Networking

On Baltic Heritage some of the ambassadors from Karlskrona and from the other partner sites in the project are presented. Here ambassadors can find information on how to contact ambassadors at the other World Heritage sites in the project.

Heritage Ambassadors

There has also been promotion of local ambassadors on DUNC’s Facebook page:

The DUNC project is proud to have created these events and opportunities for Karlskrona to spread information about the Naval Port of Karlskrona, locally and hopefully around the globe.