Wismar's Young Ambassadors

Wismar works under the motto "Our children are the future of our cities". 22 students from a 6th grade in a local school have been appointed ambassadors for Wismar's World Heritage. All thanks to a project which resulted in a city guide for children.

The city guide is aimed at children between the ages of seven and fourteen. One could say, everyone can use google to get exciting information, but these tips are far from being as good as those from children living in Wismar.

The children wrote down everything they liked in the city, what their insider tips are and where they normally go to have fun. Through the design of the new city guide, the children got to know their city better. The guide also helped them learn German. Here it was the task of the pupils to produce creative and grammatically correct texts.

The book features texts written by boys and girls – this mix creates a very nice booklet. This is intended to ensure that the youngest visitors can find the most colourful corners in the city, let off steam and learn.

With creative tasks and exciting puzzles of the World Heritage, the children can expand their knowledge on UNESCO and its importance for Wismar.

Another advantage, besides the transfer of knowledge, is the presentation of the child-friendly side of Wismar. With the city guide, parents have the chance to present their curious children the exciting side of the Hanseatic city that offers extraordinary adventures.

Last but not least, children who participated in the project, can now walk around the city and show their relatives and friends around while proudly holding the book they have co created. Each child involved, received a copy of it.

Because of its great success, the project is expected to be expanded to other classes and extended until 2021. Visitors can find the new city guide in the tourist information office in Wismar.

Wismar's City Guide for Children

Tourist Information Wismar


Extracts from the book