Stralsund and Jasmund National Park Heritage Tourism Action Plan

Take part of 5 sustainable heritage tourism development ideas from the proposed tourism strategy for the historic centre of Stralsund and Jasmund National Park. 

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1. Dedicated transportation planning

Especially encouraging the use of local public transport in the city centre, which would mean fewer cars and less parking problems. Also, developing the network of the bike paths, signage and visitor guidance.

2. Promoting the worldwide trend for sustainable products in Vorpommern-Rügen

(possible joining the international Cittaslow movement by Stralsund and Sassnitz)

3. The event and entertainment offer in the Historic Centre of Stralsund is currently not sufficient

Must be further expanded, to bring World Heritage to life and create awareness through events, e.g. Organ days or similar in the shoulder seasons, especially, in spring.

4. Improving quality of non-World heritage-related tourism infrastructure and services


  • the usage of reusable coffee cups in the city centre
  • reusable tableware at city events
  • training tour guides in nature education or for sustainable fishing tours
  • promotion of biking, sustainable fishing and other water-based activities
  • better use of many nature reserves in the immediate area of Stralsund and Sassnitz, recreation areas within the city of Stralsund – numerous parks and playground facilities
  • avoiding garbage especially in the sea.

5. Sustainable heritage tourism facilitation through dedicated conservation activities

Focus on enhanced efforts to cultivate traditional crafts both in Stralsund and areas around Jasmund National Park and preserve the historic fabric of the Historic Centre of Stralsund, and to broaden the scope of those activities.

Sustainable Heritage Tourism Action Plan, The Historic Centre of Stralsund and Jasmund National Park

Sustainable Heritage Tourism Action Plan, annexes, The Historic Centre of Stralsund and Jasmund National Park