Inspirational Products

Let us inspire you by showing products of a number of local businesses at four World Heritage sites. The products are both sustainable and innovative. They also contribute to the promotion of the sites, attract more visitors, prolong the tourist season and strengthen local businesses.

The work on attaining the Global Goals defined by the UN in the 2030 Agenda starts at a local level.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Virtual Tourism

Virtual World Heritage 360

The aim was to make parts of Karlskrona's World Heritage more accessible, in a sustainable way, through virtual tourism.

Welcome to discover the city through three guided tours, all filmed in 360-video technique and produced by local company AB audiola:

Virtual World Heritage 360

Concept for Virtual World Heritage 360

A Journey to Yourself

The Curonian Spit is a great destination for people of all ages, all year round. Watch the video created by local company Widewings.

It shows the beauty and richness of the Curonian Spit and it encourages people to act responsibly and protect the natural environment.

Concept for A Journey to Yourself

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar Cell Benches

In southern Öland along a signature hiking trail by Eketorp Castle at the Great Alvar solar cell benches are placed.

They are available from spring to autumn and can be used for charging phones, having a rest and for Wifi access.

Concept for the Solar Cell Benches

Eco Mobile Bike Station

In the Curonian Spit local companies Irklakojis, Viglė – Velonida, Dviratis Jums and UAB BIPA have developed a mobile multifunctional solar cell service station for bicycles.

At the station cyclists can repair their flat tyres, charge their mobile phones and get access to Wifi.

Concept for the Eco Mobile Bike Station

Fun for Kids

Cityguide for Children

In the city guide, children living in Wismar present their hometown to visiting children. They share what they like about Wismar, their best insider tips and where they normally go to have fun.

The book teaches young learners the value of taking care of natural and cultural heritages.

Wismar City Guide

Concept for the Cityguide for Children

Arts and Crafts Book

Elis äventyrsresa i Karlskrona (Eli's Adventure Journey in Karlskrona) aims at promoting child friendly things to do and see in the municipality of Karlskrona, including several World Heritage attractions.

The book by local company Infab includes information on sustainability, equality and the importance of taking care of natural and cultural heritages.

Eli's Adventures in Karlskrona

Concept for the Arts and Crafts Book

Colouring Book

The aim was to create a unique motive for each of the World Heritage destinations in the region connected to Stralsund, so that children can learn more about their heritage and the value of taking care of it while colouring.

The book also serves as a teaching tool and will hopefully bring the children closer to their own region.

Motives from the Colouring Book

Concept for the Colouring Book

Routes and Excursions

World Heritage Trail

In Wismar a 800 meter long World Heritage Trail is created in cooperation with local businesses. The initiative is an important way to unburden the city centre, which is often congested with traffic and parked cars.

The trail starts at a well-visited holiday resort and ends in the centre of Wismar, where the World Heritage is located. It takes about 15 minutes to walk along and includes six innovatively designed stations.

Concept for World Heritage Trail

Theatrical Excursions

In the Curonian Spit the season for guided theatrical excursions has been prolonged. New costumes have been made for the theatrical excursion "Nida in the Golden Age" so that performances can be held during the spring and autumn.

The tours are very popular and give visitors an opportunity to discover the history of the Curonian Spit and learn more about historical personalities who lived around Nida in the last century.

Concept for the Theatrical Excursions

Communication and Dissemination

Curonian Spit Travel Guide

The aim is to attract more visitors of all ages to the area throughout the year. In the travel guide you can find information and useful tips on how to explore the region and travel in a more sustainable way.

It also encourages visitors to act in a way that helps preserve World Heritage Sites.

Concept for the Curonian Spit Travel Guide

Öland Branding

We need to find a way to easily explain to entrepreneurs in Southern Öland what the World Heritage Site is, which would also contribute to the loss of uncertainty. The entrepreneurs could thus become ambassadors for Southern Öland's agricultural landscape.

The idea was to develop an information material for the municipality's entrepreneurs. The information material consisted of a postcard with beautiful images that easily describe the World Heritage Site, a poster, sticker and logos that several entrepreneurs can use. 

Concept for Öland Branding

Öland Travel Guide

In 2020, the annual World Heritage Week could not be held in Southern Öland due to the pandemic. Instead, as a way to support the stakeholders involved in the week, a guide to the Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland was developed.

In the brochure visitors who want to experience the World Heritage find information about hotels, restaurants, museums, guides and much more.

Upplev världsarvet - Experience the World Heritage