Karlskrona Heritage Tourism Action Plan

Take part of 6 sustainable heritage tourism development ideas from the proposed tourism strategy for the Naval Port of Karlskrona. 

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1. Improving the World Heritage infrastructure, creating a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs and making the World Heritage better accessible to visitors

This option implies measures aimed at linking and packaging the central and rural areas of the World Heritage (Skärva Manor), as well as developing the Drottningskär Citadel as a visitor point. It also includes the development of closer tourism-related collaboration between the Naval Museum, Blekinge Museum and the Cultural House.

2. Facilitating access for guided tours into the enclosed part of the Naval Base as smoothly as possible and by this prolonging the tourist season

There already exists a close contact between the World Heritage overseers and the military authorities that functions well. However, still there are possibilities to make it even better. Military are not going to open completely the entire Naval Base to the public and there is a need to improve communication which could result in making tourists experience the feeling of a true naval base which is still used by the military for training, exploring 'military secrets' ('Forbidden fruit' effect), especially in shoulder seasons.

3. Facilitating cultural experiences in the World Heritage

In Karlskrona, there are a number of local associations, individuals, companies, organizations and museums who have extensive knowledge of local history and World Heritage. By coordinating these experiences in interesting and exciting activities, events and experiences, we can create greater interest in the World Heritage and attract visitors with special awareness of heritage and history. Examples of activities could be special theme weeks, during spring, summer and early autumn, with a different focus on the World Heritage (such as period dishes and clothing, boat construction, architecture and music).

4. Promoting food in the World Heritage and the World Heritage with food

It should focus on finding new synergies. Blekinge has many good local food producers, and, therefore, there is a wish to develop a synergy between already existing food-related activities/experiences, such as Gårdsbutiksrundan and KliMATval with the World Heritage, to leverage the World Heritage in collaboration with these events.

5. Facilitating outdoor experiences in the World Heritage

Karlskrona and its surroundings offer a wide range of possibilities for outdoor activities, on land as well as on and in water. The hope is to coordinate these activities and to further develop and create some major
events, such as a World Heritage bicycle event or a City Activity Adventure Festival with opportunities to try out various outdoor activities in one week, such as kayaking, mountain biking, beach volleyball, scuba diving, stand up paddling etc.

6. Development of six attractions on the nearby islets and by this increasing tourism sector's diversity

Karlskrona's focus lies mainly on adapting nearby islets for tourism, and therefore, there is a need to find and implement new ideas to improve boat transport. Blekinge County has a fantastic archipelago and it would be nice to increase accessibility in order to experience it better, including scuba diving to the numerous ship wrecks.

Sustainable Heritage Tourism Development Action Plan, the Naval Port of Karlskrona

Sustainable Heritage Tourism Action Plan, annexes, the Naval Port of Karlskrona