Stralsund – Because we Live Here

What do a ceramicist, baker, farmer, archeaologist, kayak guide, master shepherd and manager of a waterpark have in common?

They all live in and are ambassadors for the World Heritage site of Stralsund. They also manage outstanding family businesses that provide high quality touristic products in a sustainable way.

Let us introduce you to seven ambassadors from the Stralsund area.

Mathias Schilling, Farmer and Restaurateur:

"I actually get my inspiration from living on the island of Öhe – with nature. It's 700 years of family heritage. It is the reason I came here and it is the heart of everything we do. We want to manage it sustainably and carefully and preserve it for future generations.

We only see each other for a blink of an eye in history. And that's how we see our responsiblity when managing it."

World Heritage Entrepreneur Mathias Schilling

Hendrike Weber, Ceramicist:

"Inspiration is the landscape. It is the city in which I was born that has shaped me.

I grew up with the city being an inspiration, so to speak."




Till Jaich, Waterpark on the Island of Rügen:

"I love the water and the diverse islands of Rügen. Especially from the water it is one of the most beautiful areas we have here on the German Baltic Sea coast.

Sustainability is a very important issue for us. We have always closely coordinated our offers with the biosphere reserve.

We try to preserve nature because that is our greatest asset."

World Heritage Entrepreneur Till Jaich

Nils Peters, Baker:

"It is the everyday things that are special. Daily bread, so to speak. To do this normal and simple thing well and perfectly is a challenge.

You are very close to nature here, you understand it so that you don’t break anything of what you love. You want to do your job in such a way that it is in harmony with nature."

Katrin Staude, Archaeologist:

"I am inspired by the unique nature here, with this unspoilt landscape, and also for my work because from an archaeological point of view it is a unique place.

Rügen is a very special island, because Rügen has a unique cultural and natural heritage. So it is definitely a privilige to live here on the island."

World Heritage Entrepreneur Katrin Staude

Frank Westphal, Master Shepherd:

"We keep coarse-wooly Pomeranian sheep here. A sheep that has optimally adapted to the barren coastal conditions. I grew up with this breed, we always had grey sheep.

It really fills me with joy to be actively involved in shaping our landscape here. And that is also something that I will pass on to my children."

Henrik Schmidtbauer, Kayak Guide:

"My job is to make people happy by putting them in a kayak and letting them feel how nature ticks.

I've always been "a child of nature" anyway. Out here you get a wide view. Outside, you can feel everything and it's only when you come inside that you know what you have outside.

My guests experience nature up close. We are very close to the elements, we feel every wave. We are our own engine. It doesn't really get any closer."